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The 10 Best UX Design Courses in 2023: Navigating a Path to Mastery

UX Design Courses

In the ever-evolving field of technology, UX design has firmly planted its roots as an essential component of digital product development. With a surge in demand for skilled designers, a plethora of UX design short courses have surfaced to cater to this need. This article explores the 10 best UX design courses in 2023, touching upon the difference between UX and UI design and highlighting opportunities for a job in UX with no experience.

  1. Coursera – Interaction Design Specialization
    • Provider: University of California, San Diego
    • Qualification: Certificate
    • Details: This course encompasses a holistic approach to UX design, blending theory and practical skills.
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  2. Udacity – UX Designer Nanodegree
    • Provider: Udacity
    • Qualification: Nanodegree
    • Details: This program is ideal for those looking to build a strong foundation and develop advanced UX skills.
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  3. LinkedIn Learning – Become a User Experience Designer
    • Provider: LinkedIn
    • Qualification: Certificate
    • Details: This learning path covers the fundamentals of UX design, with an emphasis on real-world applications.
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  4. Springboard – UX Design Bootcamp
    • Provider: Springboard
    • Qualification: Certificate
    • Details: An immersive bootcamp that promises mentorship, hands-on projects, and career support.
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  5. General Assembly – User Experience Design Immersive
    • Provider: General Assembly
    • Qualification: Certificate
    • Details: This full-time course offers immersive learning experiences and practical projects.
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  6. Designlab – UX Academy
    • Provider: Designlab
    • Qualification: Certificate
    • Details: Focused on hands-on projects and mentorship, this academy shapes well-rounded UX designers.
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  7. Interaction Design Foundation
    • Provider: Interaction Design Foundation
    • Qualification: Certificate
    • Details: Offering a variety of courses, IDF is renowned for its depth in UX design education.
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  8. Google UX Design Certificate
    • Provider: Google
    • Qualification: Certificate
    • Details: This beginner-friendly course offers foundational skills and a diverse curriculum.
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  9. edX – MicroMasters Program in UX Design and Evaluation
    • Provider: HEC Montréal
    • Qualification: MicroMasters
    • Details: A comprehensive program covering UX design principles and user evaluation.
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  10. Skillshare – UX Design Classes
    • Provider: Skillshare
    • Qualification: Certificate
    • Details: Skillshare hosts various classes that delve into different aspects of UX design.
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UX/UI Design Courses

Salaries Comparison

RankTop US StatesAverage Salary (USD)Top CountriesAverage Salary (USD)
1California95,000United States90,000
3New York89,000Canada52,000
4Massachusetts87,000United Kingdom50,000

Qualifications Required

Most UX design courses require a basic understanding of design principles. However, many programs cater to beginners, thus necessitating no prior experience. Enthusiasts can explore the UI Glossary to familiarize themselves with essential terms and concepts, aiding in a smoother learning journey.

Learning for Free

For those on a budget, various platforms offer free resources. Websites like UX Beginner and UX Design Institute provide valuable insights and content, enabling aspiring designers to kickstart their careers.


Navigating the field of UX design can seem daunting, but with the right guidance and resources, it becomes a journey of continuous learning and growth. Understanding the difference between UX and UI design is crucial, as is gaining hands-on experience. With a plethora of courses available, finding a job in UX with no experience has become more accessible, opening a gateway to a rewarding career.

FAQ’s on UX/UI Design Courses

What course should I take for UX design?

Choosing a UX design course depends on your current knowledge level, learning goals, and career aspirations. For beginners, the Google UX Design Certificate or courses offered by the Interaction Design Foundation are excellent options. For those seeking more comprehensive and advanced knowledge, the UX Designer Nanodegree by Udacity or the User Experience Design Immersive by General Assembly can be ideal.

What are the best UX UI design courses?

Some of the best UX UI design courses in 2023 include the Interaction Design Specialization on Coursera, the UX Designer Nanodegree by Udacity, and the User Experience Design Immersive by General Assembly. These courses are renowned for their comprehensive curriculum, hands-on projects, and industry relevance.

Is Google UX course worth it?

Yes, the Google UX Design Certificate is worth considering, especially for beginners. It offers foundational skills in UX design, covers a diverse range of topics, and is created by industry professionals. Moreover, it’s recognized by employers as a testament to your skills in UX design.

Who is the No 1 UI UX designer?

Determining the No 1 UI UX designer can be subjective as it depends on individual preferences and the specific criteria used for evaluation. However, names like Don Norman, who coined the term “User Experience”, and Dieter Rams, known for his timeless design principles, are often regarded as pioneers in the field.

Can I learn UI UX in 3 months?

Yes, it is possible to learn the basics of UI UX design in 3 months, especially with the plethora of short courses and bootcamps available. Platforms like Skillshare and LinkedIn Learning offer courses that can help you grasp the fundamentals and work on small projects to build your portfolio.

Can I learn UX design in 6 months?

Absolutely! Six months is ample time to learn UX design comprehensively. Engaging in immersive programs like the UX Design Bootcamp by Springboard or the UX Academy by Designlab can help you acquire in-depth knowledge and practical skills and even offer career support to help you transition into the field.

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