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Data Analyst Jobs In Saudi Arabia: The Flourishing Job Market

Data Analyst Jobs In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, in alignment with Vision 2030, has been fostering a conducive environment for technology and innovation. This strategic plan aims to reduce the country’s dependence on oil and diversify its economy, focusing on various sectors, including technology. As a result, data analyst jobs in Saudi Arabia are proliferating, offering promising careers to both nationals and expatriates.

Subtitle: Remote Work – A Paradigm Shift

With the advent of technological advancements, remote working is becoming increasingly prevalent, creating a global workforce that isn’t bound by geographical limitations. Remote Data Analyst positions in Saudi Arabia signify this shifting paradigm, providing flexibility and access to international talent. This shift also indicates the country’s commitment to fostering an inclusive work environment, accommodating diverse work arrangements.

A Closer Look at Salaries: Diving Deeper into the Numbers

Analyzing the salaries in various cities, as depicted in the table, gives a glimpse of the lucrative compensation data analysts can expect in Saudi Arabia. While Riyadh tops the chart, other cities also offer competitive packages, attracting talent from around the world. It is imperative for aspiring data analysts to thoroughly research and negotiate their salaries based on the living costs and demands of the specific city.

Comparative Salaries for Data Analyst Roles across Top Cities in Saudi Arabia

CityEntry LevelMid LevelSenior LevelAverage
RiyadhSAR 60,000SAR 120,000SAR 180,000SAR 120,000
JeddahSAR 58,000SAR 115,000SAR 172,000SAR 115,000
DammamSAR 56,000SAR 110,000SAR 165,000SAR 110,000
KhobarSAR 55,000SAR 108,000SAR 162,000SAR 108,000
MeccaSAR 54,000SAR 107,000SAR 160,000SAR 107,000
MedinaSAR 53,000SAR 105,000SAR 158,000SAR 105,000
  • Entry Level: Less than 2 years of experience
  • Mid Level: 2-5 years of experience
  • Senior Level: More than 5 years of experience
  • Average: Average salary across all experience levels

Comparison with Global Salaries

A pivotal factor for professionals considering relocation is the comparison of salaries on a global scale. A data analyst’s salary in NY is a benchmark often used for this comparison due to the city’s reputation as a tech hub. The average salary in NY serves as an indicator of the financial attractiveness of pursuing a career in data analytics in Saudi Arabia, especially when considering the lower cost of living and tax benefits.

Professional Development and Skill Enhancement

For individuals looking to secure data analyst jobs in Saudi Arabia, continual learning and skill enhancement are paramount. Proficiency in tools such as Python, R, SQL, and various data visualization platforms will stand candidates in good stead. Additionally, soft skills like communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving are equally important in performing the role effectively and progressing in the career.

Data Analyst In Saudi Arabia analyzing the Covid 19 cases on desktop

Job Description for Data Analyst Role

  • Job Title: Data Analyst
  • Department: Analytics / IT / Business Intelligence
  • Location: (Specify City, Country, or whether Remote)
  • Reports To: Analytics Manager / Head of Analytics
  • Position Type: Full Time / Part Time / Contract


  • Collecting and interpreting data
  • Analyzing results and reporting the findings
  • Identifying patterns and trends in data
  • Using statistical tools to interpret data sets
  • Working alongside teams within the business to establish business needs
  • Assisting in the development of data-driven decision-making processes


  • Statistical Analysis
  • Data Modeling and Wrangling
  • Reporting and Data Visualization
  • Database Querying (SQL, etc.)
  • Programming (Python, R, etc.)
  • Communication and Presentation

Exploring External Resources

To stay updated with the latest job trends and opportunities in the region, professionals should leverage external resources such as Glassdoor and LinkedIn. These platforms provide insights into company cultures, employee experiences, and expected skills, aiding candidates in making informed decisions.


The landscape for data analyst jobs in Saudi Arabia is burgeoning, driven by economic diversification and digital transformation initiatives. The country presents an array of opportunities, competitive salaries, and a progressive work environment, including the prevalence of remote positions. For professionals equipped with the right skills and a thirst for knowledge, Saudi Arabia offers a dynamic and promising career path in data analytics.

FAQ’s on (Data Analyst Jobs In Saudi Arabia)

1. Is data analyst in demand in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, like many other countries, there is a significant demand for data analysts in Saudi Arabia. The ongoing digital transformation in various sectors such as finance, healthcare, and retail has fueled the need for professionals who can analyze and derive insights from data to aid decision-making.

2. Which country is in demand for data analyst?

The demand for data analysts is global, with particularly high demand in countries with advanced technological infrastructures like the United States, Germany, Canada, Australia, and Singapore. These countries have a robust presence of industries such as IT, finance, and healthcare, which extensively use data analytics.

3. Is data analyst still in demand?

Yes, the demand for data analysts continues to be strong across various industries. The growing importance of data-driven decision-making and advancements in technologies such as AI and machine learning contribute to the sustained demand for data analysts.

4. How much does a business data analyst earn in Saudi Arabia?

Salaries for business data analysts in Saudi Arabia can vary depending on factors like experience, education, location, and the specific industry. As of the latest available data, entry-level positions may offer around SAR 60,000, with more experienced roles earning upwards of SAR 120,000 and senior positions potentially earning even more. Please note that these are illustrative figures, and consulting real-time salary databases or job listings is recommended for accurate information.

5. Which degree is in demand in Saudi Arabia?

In Saudi Arabia, degrees in fields such as Engineering, Computer Science, Finance, Medicine, and Business Administration are typically in high demand, aligning with the country’s focus on technology, healthcare, and economic development.

6. Which country has the highest scope for data analytics?

The United States is often considered to have the highest scope for data analytics, given its diverse and technologically advanced economy, a high concentration of multinational corporations, and world-renowned educational institutions specializing in data science and analytics. However, other countries like Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Singapore also offer significant opportunities in the field of data analytics.

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